Summary of Chapter 5

500 tribes of North America
How they lived
Their food and shelter
Native American skills

The European arrival in North America, and their takeover of the land
Pre-modern meets modern
Benjamin Franklin
The American Revolution
The French Revolution



The New World

North America was first occupied roughly 14,000 years ago, probably having migrated down the Pacific coast. They ate shellfish, seaweed, birds and small animals. By 1500 CE, there were hundreds of mature aboriginal tribal groups established and occupying the majority of the North American continent.

Numerous small tribes lived in the eastern hardwood forest region now known as New England.

There were several mound-builder tribes in the Mississippi region. In the Southwest the Anasazi, Hopi, Navaho and Souix all had sophisticated cultures, and practiced a form of agriculture that was suited to the desert - dry Southwest.