About the Author

About This Book

Natural Facts Themes

The book’s main themes are—

  • Fundamental environmental education
  • Enhanced Historical Perspective
  • Increased Scientific Awareness

This project is a work in progress. The book’s foundation is in place, and I will continue to refine the narrative. It will take time to complete. Any interested person is invited to contribute. Natural Facts is a reframing of the many stories, discoveries and leaps of knowledge and understanding that make up the larger history of our progress.

What Are Natural Facts?

A natural fact is the moment, thousands of years ago, when young men and women began to use pigments to decorate their bodies, and began to make representational artworks, and first crafted musical instuments from wood, bones and animal hides.

A natural fact is when people first invented a sun-dial to tell time, or when they discovered how magnatism functioned with the compass directions. It’s a community who lives on an area of land for generations. It’s the endless battle against the elements and against disease.

A natural fact is the moment when humankind saw the first photograph of the earth sitting like a blue marble in space.

What this book is really about is ... who we are, how people are, why people do things, why they act the way they do...